Wednesday, August 18, 2010

best friends and brothers

spencer started Kindergarten today! Christopher is not quite sure how to take it either. His best friend will be gone now every day. Thank goodness we are starting with baby steps, he is only half day this year. I tell you though when we left Spencer at school all Christopher would say was "Get Spencer"..."where's Spencer". Made me pretty sad. If Chris is ever in a bad mood, or he's not feeling like doing his PT or he doesn't want to go to bed... he just needs his big brother to turn his mood right around. Spencer can convince that child to do anything. Thank goodness he convinces him to do good things and not bad! :).
So This is going to be a new adventure for Christopher, daring to try things with out his big brother by his side all the time. It will be good for him, and for us I think. This will be the first time that It will be just he and I...We will get some serious bonding time, and I am really looking forward to that. The only thing that makes me sad is that my kids are GROWING UP!!!! Emily is now an 8th grader, and James is in 7th. There is no picture of the two of them because they only let me take one quick one of them on my phone...PUNKS! I'll get a good one of them and post it soon though. I love my 4 beautiful children so much. I know I say this alot but Rob and I are so lucky to have these very specific special sweeties. We are so grateful!


Melanie said...

I couldn't tell if it was you or Emily in the first picture. Amazing how young you look.....Love you. Call me:)

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, sweetie--I know how you feel! My BABY is in high school now--yikes!!!

Love your babies, Boo! Please tell them their auntie loves and misses them--you, too! When are you coming to see me?????


Anonymous said...

LOVE those sweet boys!
I hope Spencer is liking school.
Give them loves from me!
Love you all!!!

Ingrid said...

It is heartbreaking how fast they grow, isn't it?! Enjoy the moment!