Wednesday, January 19, 2011

anything is possible

Love this of my kids! Christopher is learning so much!

We were told he would have major learning disabilities due to his Hydrocephalus.He is quite the opposite! In fact... when being evaluated for Special Needs pre-school he almost didn't qualify. You need to qualify under 2 different categories. Apparently being (extremly) physically handicapped is just not gonna cut it!
Interesting huh?


Hearts Turned said...

We've watched this sweet video so many times--"No Feet"--love it!!!

Loving your new style, here, Boo--looks great!

Have a fun snow day with your sweet babies--miss & love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love his little voice!
I watched your walker soccer video also. He moves so well. I just can't believe the progress! Chris is such a miracle! You are just amazing with that boy!
Love you all soooo much!
Auntie Mo