Monday, September 29, 2008

Our busy day of Volleyball

This is Emily's Volleyball team that I coach. We are the Disco Diva's. These girls started Out not having a clue how to play, and now we are kicking some serious hiney. We are having such a blast! Such a cute bunch of girls.

I Survived!!!!!

Fencing practice, Trombone lessons, Annie practice and volleyball, Pre-school at our house and a few wonderful visitors! Grandma and Grandpa Etchells were the wonderful visitors, the other visitor comes monthly and is not EVER welcomed!(Sorry, but it was part of the crazy week!)
Parties and pictures and lessons to prepare, cub scouts and play group and guess what else? Our first toothe!!!!!! Yay Christopher, he is now almost finished working on his 2nd toothe!

I can now truly say that I never ever get a moment to myself anymore. I do have a great husband and great friends though. Robert always tries to make my load a little lighter, and I certaintly could not do any of this without him.

So Here's to all the mom's with crazy insane weeks, I TOTALLY feel your pain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

If you love us you will keep scrolling! Feel free to talk to me too.

We have had such a busy week! With Em and I doing the Volleyball thing to James starting Fencing classes. We have been everywhere! Emily has even joined the play for her middle school. They are doing Annie, how fun is that! But, we are working it out. I have finally purchased a calendar too. I have it on my desk so that i can look at it constantly. I purchase a really cute one every year, we only look at it for the pretty artwork though. This time is different. My brain cannot hold everything i need to do in there. I have finally convinced myself of that.
So anyways, This is what all the pictures are of, All the stuff we have been up to in the last week. Crazy crazy bizzy fachizzy fun !

Etchells in a goofy mood again!

Already a total stud!

Tooo cute! He makes me happy.

I am able to be Emily's volleyball coach this year through the parks and rec. we are seriously having so much fun. Our first game was on Saturday, and we totally kicked some serious hiney! I was so proud of the whole team but, i was especially proud of my Emily. Volleyball is truly her sport. She Rocks!

me and my Volleyball girl

Daddy's little helper boy!

Spencer is always wanting to help Daddy with everything! And he really does help. Rob planted a bunch of beautiful trees on Saturday on the side of our house, and Spenc helped with EVERYTHING! what a kid!