Friday, January 30, 2009

This kids a stud and he totally knows it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

one more amazing thing for the day from our Christopher

Our little stud man is crawling!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

James' night!

James did such a good job on his car with his daddy! They had so much fun working on it together. You should see how sleek this car looked too. Pretty stinkin sweet. In the picture of the row of cars James' is the 3rd from the left.
Rob was not feeling very good that night but, there is no way he would miss the races. We were all there to support James, and his little Brothers were pretty proud of him. Spencer was hanging out with all his buddies trash talking them all saying"My brothers gonna beat your brother"! Pretty cute. It was a fun night.
Even though James didn't win All his races(he won 2!), he learned that you need to be a good sport, and congratulate those who did win.

James' Pine Wood derby night

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What an amazing Kid I've got!

Well I actually have 4 amazing kids. My little Christopher is trying so hard to crawl and he is almost there. We were told he may not crawl at all, or at least not for another year or so. This little guy is so stinkin determined it's amazing to me. If there is something he wants from clear across the room, he will get there no doubt. It is very cool to watch, he just never gives up.
With our help now he stands up while locking his knees and he holds it there for about 10sec. or so. That may not sound amazing, but trust me it is, And he is so proud of himself when he does it too. With Spina Bifida you don't know the severity of the disability until they start hitting or missing mile stones. So right now they are telling us that yes, he will walk but he may only need a brace for his right foot. His left foot is alot stronger. Now that's not to shabby at all.
Emily, James and Spencer are just the most amazing brothers and sister! They work right along side Rob and I to help Christopher achieve these goals. They work on exercises with him and cheer him on when he is trying so hard. How can Christopher not succeed when he has siblings like these?
I just love being a mom to these four fabulous kids!

"yep that's right I'm almost there"!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Mom

I have to brag about my mom for a minute. She just made us this amazing chess set for christmas. Actually the pictures I took of it does not even do it justice. She made each and every piece from scratch. Each one totally unique. She made a set for all of us kids. This will for sure be something we will cherish forever.
My Dad is so funny, he told us he would pay us $400 if we gave it back to him.( he just wanted us to know how hard my mom worked on them, and he wanted her to feel good too). What a great Daddy.
I wish I had my mother's talent, but I don't and that's ok. She has been teaching all her grandaughter's how to sew and create magical things like her and they are becoming pretty amazing too. For Emily's 11 birthday my parents gave Emily a sewing machine ( because Emily is trying to follow in her grandma's footsteps). She is getting really good. I will have to post some of the things she has made.
At least my mom's creativity rubbed off on my daughter, and for that I am grateful.

My moms newest creation!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation in California

We just got back from California a couple days ago. We were there for 10 days. It was such an awesome time. We spent it with all of Robert's side of the family. When Rob and I were packing up we thought we had actually done everything we wanted to do.
I got to go back to N.P. and showed the kids my house, and my schools I went to. My parents moved to Utah a few years ago, so my house is no longer mine. Kinda weird. But, Our BYU sticker from 100 years ago is still on the Bonus Room window.
Then we went to Camarillo where Rob and I lived when we first got married. That's also where Emily and James were born. We got to show them their very first homes. Pretty neat. We of course had to eat at in-n-out cuz their is no better hamburger joint anywhere in my opinion. My kids are now fans too! Especially James, He totally downed a double double in no time at all!
Then we went to Santa Paula where Robert grew up. His parents moved too, so his house is no longer his either. But, all of his family still live in town. We got to visit with everyone. Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve and Kiely. Larin, Dave and their cute boys. Kasea, Dustin and their 4 kids (they are so big now!) And Marnie and Steve and their 4 kids. We all played at Marnie and Steve's. We also got to see Aunt Luana, Uncle Dean and Gerry and Matt.
We spent the night at Marnie and Steve's on New years, and Rob got to go on a ride along with Steve. Rob had the greatest time. What a cool experience for him. Thanks Marnie and Steve for always bein the best! So loving and sweet. We love you.
We also got to visit with Grandma Dune. She had all the fun games out for the kids to play with when we came, and she always sends the kids off with a treasure. We just love Our Grandma Dune.
The whole rest of the time we were at Robs folks house. We had such a blast just hanging out with his parents and sisters. Marianne stayed there the whole time as well, and James and Josh got to be such great buds.
We got to see the nieces we have never met, they are so beautiful, and they all got to meet Christopher for the first time. Oh ya, we also squeezed in Disneyland somehow. But, I'll write about that later. What a wonderful family I married into. They are nothing but the sweetest most loving people, and I am so very grateful to be apart of their family.
What a wonderful trip we had!!!!

Our Christmas Vacation!

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