Monday, May 24, 2010

Christopher update!

What a CRAZY month we have had here at the ETCHELLS! I just wanted to catch all who is interested up on everything that is going on with our little Christopher.
We had a SB clinic and he is improving fabulously with his MAD Walking skills :)!
Doctors are so stinkin impressed with his mobility. They have been waiting for him to start using his legs more so they could sort of determine his level of mobility. The best news I could ever hear was when the Doc said next step after the walker will be the for-arm crutches, and after that he just might be able to walk with just braces! Now I am not holding my breath on the last part, we will just patiently wait and see.
Now with every bit of good news comes some bad news right? Christopher's bladder is not doing so swell. It is now time to start the cathing. I knew it was only a matter of time though. Robert and I just took the news like...well we had a great 2 1/2 years without it! Christopher had to have all the extensive testing done on his bladder, and all the results came back worse than the time before. I tell ya, they wasted no time at all! I did not leave the hospital that day without learning how to cath my son all by myself. I will admit I was pretty darn scared. But, you have to think to yourself... what are my options?" Their are no options, so put your big girl pants on Becky and deal with it. So that's what i'm doing, dealing with it. I have to admit some days I deal with it better than others. Today, has been a pitty party day. But, i think I have to allow myself those days in order to endure. I have to get the tears out and move on. I don't want people to think I am this solid as a rock person and I never break down, because I do break down(just ask my husband)! It's ok though.
So, after a day of cathing my son every four hours Rob and I woke up at three in the morning with Christopher having a 104 temp. and being completly lathargic. We tried waking him up, but he would just look uncomfortable and try to fall back asleep. We called the Dr. and we were on our way down to Children's before you knew it. They always send us there if he has these symptoms because you never know if it is a UTI or a shunt infection. Kind of nerve racking to say the leaste. So gratefully we have our Emily to come lay in our bed and be there if Spencer wakes up. We were in the ER for about 3 hours, and he had a pretty major UTI. But they just told us go home give him his antibiotics and continue cathing him every 4 hrs. Seriously I was so nervous to cath him after that, because you never know if you are the one doing harm to him. Again though, what are my options? Just suck it up and do it. He is doing much better now, and I think I am less nervous now too, which is a very good thing. We just keep praying that we are doing the best we can for our precious little gift.
I just never thought in a million years that I could add to my Catheter putter inner :). But if anyone needs help with cathing Let me know!I guess that's looking on the bright side right?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christopher's shunt

This is just for anyone interested in what a shunt actually looks like from the inside! So amazing that this device keeps our Christopher healthy and alive. I tried to scan the part that coils around his intestines but it wouldn't scan...will keep trying. There is actually enough tubing in his stomach to last until he is grown. Isn't that awesome? We just got back from clinic today, lots od new information! I will save it all for another day because we are BEAT!!!