Thursday, August 28, 2008

just me and the little boys now

How can you resist this cute little face?

He used to hate binkies, now he can't get enough of them!

We love our little Christopher!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

James was not excited really to have me take his picture, but he never wants to make me sad! He takes really good care of his Mommy! He is always the Man of the house when Daddy is gone. He was so excited to be in the same class with his best friend Nick. He didn't care about anything else! Life is Good! But, his teacher happens to be the coolest one in 5th grade! She loves video games too!!!! Kid #2 off to school! Now, the little boys and I can Chill.

James Douglas

Binky Break!

Spencer is addicted to his binky! He is only allowed to have it upstairs when he is tired. He knows he cannot leave the stairs with it! He is so funny! He just needed a break when the kids left for school. kind of a funny pose too!

Emily Anne! keep scrolling to see her pictures

Emily is now too embarassed to have me take pictures of her in public. The only one she let me take was infront of the door with James! Thanks Em!!! I could not take any of her heading off on the bus, what she does'nt see won't hurt her right? So here they are! Kid #1 off to school!

new school year pictures! the kids always love these.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The new school year!

Another school year begins tomorrow! This will be the first Emily has ever taken the bus! She had a 6th grade orientation on friday, so no 7th or 8th graders were there. She got to see who all the 6th graders were that went on her bus, and she met all her teachers. Thankfully she is not as nervous as she was before. This is also the first year Em and James will not be in the same school, That is going to be different.
Wish us luck!!!

Me and my Peeps in Kansas!

Our new Fridge

Our old fridge quit on us the other day. So, James had to proudly show off our new one to everyone. It actually is pretty darn cool. I finally got my ice maker everyone!!!!

The best Daddy there is!

My 3 sons

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

this picture is for you Susie

Christophers first time eating Oatmeal

Craziness but happiness!!

craziness but happiness!

We have been so busy trying to wrap up the summer while heading into the new school year. James is entering into his final year of elementary school(5th grade here in Kansas), and Emily is entering into the new world of Junior High! I personally am very nervous about this transition. Emily on the other hand is sooooo excited.
Then somehow I am now Emily's Volleyball coach. I really don't know how that all happened, but it did. We will have a fun time.
We got Emily all set for school. She has a full size locker! Our lockers in California were half the size of these babies. And the big thing is "decorating your locker"! So we made hers pretty darn cute I must say.
Yesterday Emily and I went to see this huge production of Fiddler on the roof in Kansas City. It was so fun. It was in this out door theatre and the weather was fabulous!!!! And of course my wonderful husband took the rest of the kids so Em and I could Party. He is such a good sport.
The little boys are awesome! This last month has been pretty much all about Em and James, and they have totally just been going with the flow. Chris is now Clapping!!! That is huge developmentally for him, we are so excited.
That is all for now. And all these pictures I am putting on here are all about these recent events. Love you all!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

This Picture is to show you all that I am committed to Blogging, I Promise. Can't you tell from this very serious posed picture? Because you all know I am a very serious person. I will sit here in this very chair to update you all on the goings on of the Etchells Clan. You can all hold me to it too. OK, I think I have embarassed myself enough now.

I am Committed!


Lynette came over tonight and brought us YUMMY taco's, MMMMMMMMMM So good! We kind of got a little hyper after that. Maybe she put something in the salsa. Anyways, Rob was up with the kids so he had to find pants in order to come down(He was ready for bed), so the only thing he could find was James' WII pants. Totally funny, He tried to dodge the camera. We did get some ADORABLE pictures of Chris though.

fun pictures of the fam!

the little dudes!

Our sweet Christopher sitting up!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

daddy with his boy

James Douglas

grandpa and the boys

fishin with Grandpa

Tuesday, August 5, 2008