Tuesday, August 12, 2008

craziness but happiness!

We have been so busy trying to wrap up the summer while heading into the new school year. James is entering into his final year of elementary school(5th grade here in Kansas), and Emily is entering into the new world of Junior High! I personally am very nervous about this transition. Emily on the other hand is sooooo excited.
Then somehow I am now Emily's Volleyball coach. I really don't know how that all happened, but it did. We will have a fun time.
We got Emily all set for school. She has a full size locker! Our lockers in California were half the size of these babies. And the big thing is "decorating your locker"! So we made hers pretty darn cute I must say.
Yesterday Emily and I went to see this huge production of Fiddler on the roof in Kansas City. It was so fun. It was in this out door theatre and the weather was fabulous!!!! And of course my wonderful husband took the rest of the kids so Em and I could Party. He is such a good sport.
The little boys are awesome! This last month has been pretty much all about Em and James, and they have totally just been going with the flow. Chris is now Clapping!!! That is huge developmentally for him, we are so excited.
That is all for now. And all these pictures I am putting on here are all about these recent events. Love you all!!!!


LuanaLindsey said...

I cannot believe little Emily can be going into Junior High, oh my gosh. Where does the time go. And James in 5th grade, crazy. Love your blogging.

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

I have always thought that Emily looks just like you but you REALLY look like twins in the picture with your faces squished together. Super cute!
Good luck in Jr High Emily.
And good luck James in 5th grade. Wow!!!