Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love Fall !!!

It is October, I am So excited. The weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to change into their beautiful colors. And, I actually enjoy being outside.
I hate the heat. Most people are the opposite of me, they love summer and hate the Winter. Winter seems to bring out the blues in people. With me it brings out happiness!!! I love bundling up and cozying up to the fire. I love the snow falling and the crisp cool breeze. And I love all the fun Holidays we are soon to enjoy. I am so excited that summer is over! Welcome fall!
Oh, and just so you know, Rob is totally the opposite. He hates the winter. He would love to just pack us all up and Move us to Florida from October to February. Well, he can just keep on dreaming cuz we are never moving to Florida baby!!!!


Angela said...

Totally agree with you Becky!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

i enjoy all seasons. (i am not being the happy positive one either) i do really love fall and winter, getting cozy by the fire is so wonderful. i would really enjoy it this week, it's santa ana and only about 100 degrees outside. yikes. give me winter!


Tell Robert that CA is better then Florida! I agree with the cold thing. I love wearing long sleeves. I just don't know if I could handle YOUR cold. Remember that year at Ricks Beck? I think we almost died that year at 15 degrees below. That is just too cold for me. Enjoy your cold Beck! Come visit us if it gets too cold for ya K!!

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

I hate the heat AND hate the cold! Jeff says my comfort range is only 10 degrees. That's not really true. My favorite season is summer but my favorite holiday is Christmas. I'm a walking contradiction! Oh well.