Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Christopher Rudger Etchells, We love you

Our Celebration of Christopher's first year of life. We are soooo grateful for this little guy. He completes are family and is the last piece of our family puzzle. What a fabulous piece he is too. He has changed all of our lives for the better. He makes us laugh and smile, and he helps us to recognize the simple joys in life. Thankyou to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers this last year, we truly have felt all your love. What a time of reflection I tell you.


Colleen said...

We LOVE sweet baby Christopher and all of the Etchells. Thanks for sharing your joys and challenges with us. Your friendship is PRICELESS!!!!

p.s. Love the cake!

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

Happy birthday Christopher!!!

The cake was adorable and I love your side comment, "Take a picture now." hahaha but a video is just as good, maybe better!

Yay, one year down. Many more to come! Can't wait to see you guys!