Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today has brought back so many memories!

Today a sweet new friend of mine just gave birth to a beautiful little boy. We found out and met (over the phone) under very unusual circumstances. We both have boys with Spina Bifida. I know I have mentioned this in my blog before. 2 ladies that I know are in her ward in Texas, and they gave her my info. She is such a neat lady, and I hope to meet her one day in person.
Anyways, this really got me thinking today, even though we have never physically met I feel such a bond with her. We are both Mothers being delt the same kinds of challenges in life. Who knows, maybe we were soposed to connect so we could help each other out with certain things, that not many understand. And the really neat thing is we share the same faith, so we handle things very similarly.
Anyways, I guess I just think it's so neat that Heavenly Father places certain people in our lives to ease our burdens a little bit, So that we don't feel so alone when times are tough. I hope this makes sense?
Looking at adrienne's blog and seeing the pictures they took today just really brought me back. Her family is in our prayers tonight! I know I could not have made it through this last year without so many sweet people praying for me and my family.

These pictures I posted were of me and Christopher the day he was born.


Unknown said...

you are amazing. i am sure that you are a great support to your new friend. she is blessed to have you. how did everything go with her little guy? i love you girl.

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

I absolutely think that you two were supposed to find each other. What a blessing, for both of you.
Love you!

Adrienne, Scott, Hanna, Hayden & Garrett said...

Your flowers touched me so much in the hospital. I told all the nurses how we never have met but that you still sent such pretty flowers. They are so cheery on our kitchen counter. With Christopher as our inspiration, it looks like Hayden is trying to keep up. I am so glad that he is our role model. We have tons of doc apmts and I am so glad to be home!

Your pictures look just like mine with Hayden. That was such an emotional time yet I still felt peace. Maybe it was all the drugs too.

I would still love to know if I am going to be seeing you out here anytime soon?

Thank you for all of your love and support. P.S. My mom and Scott already read your post last week and said they both cried.

Anonymous said...

I have been touched by your posts and kindness to the Triggs. I have learned so much from both of your blogs. Sometimes we go through something really, really tough for the benefit of others and the love and strength we receive from each other. Adrienne and you are both special people with special children.