Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tricks and talents!

These are just a few amazing things my little boys can do! I know don't be jealous if you cannot personally do these things, it's ok! My boy's really got it going on. They really wanted to share with you their tricks and talents, because they know they got skillz baby!


Colleen said...

Love your new profile pic and family slogan, "BRING IT ON!" :)

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

Oh my gosh...for a second I thought Chris was holding a paint brush in his mouth and I thought, "Holy cow! He painted that rainbow!!!" Then I saw Spencer's name on the picture. Whew! I thinking that boy is the next Vincent van Gogh and Natalie's art skills are nothing more than smearing yogurt on the table!

Spencer, I'm impressed! Great painting! And Chris is so adorable holding a straw in his mouth.

Love you guys!

Lazenby Family News said...

Becky, your family picture at the top banner is beautiful and strong!! I love it. Love seeing all your family grow so much. Miss you guys.
(((hugs)))lymi Aunt Susan