Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Sweet baby James"

Happy Birthday to Our James Douglas! 11 years old, I can hardly believe it!
Now James is probably the biggest fan of all things Nintendo there is. He has all there Systems, and he knows all the latest news about new games coming out. He even wants to go on his mission to Japan, because that's where Nintendo is made. He is a funny kid.
So he was super excited to find out that the newest Nintendo system the "DSI" would be out just in time for his birthday. We told him that was so cool, and we would get it for him if that's really what he wanted.
Then he knew that both sets of grandarent's always send him birthday money, and he thought he would get a few games to go along with it. He had it all planned out. But he is learning as he get's a little older that sometimes plans have to change.through this recession I think everyone is slowing down on spending. And Our views on what is important and necessary change as well. We thought for sure we would still get him the Dsi but maybe he could add his Grandparents birthday money to it as well. I was not quite sure how he would take it. But he was thrilled and happy to hand over his money.
This little boy is such an amazing kid. He is ready for anything.The possibility for moving is Huge right now, and the kids love it here. So when we told them that we may be moving he said " Mom, I've been thinking, I think moving would be Bittersweet. Bitter because we would have to leave Kansas,our house and friends, but sweet because of all the new neat things that could happen". (did that just come out of my son's mouth)?
When he said that Emily and I just looked at eachother in shock. He's a pretty cool kid.

I love my James, I am so proud of his choices he makes in life, and his sweet personality. He is going to turn to be such an amazing man one day.


Angela said...

You are raising such a smart kid Becky!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

James is such a neat kid. What a sweet and caring boy. love you all.

LuanaLindsey said...

What a great guy James is, and what a sweet, kind heart he has. Happy Birthday James. I'm also sorry to hear about Rob's job.

The Smith Family said...

Oh I LOVE you James! What an awesome little dude! I feel your pain. It is such a bummer when we can't give our kids everything.
Rob will find a job soon!!! Anyone will be lucky to have him work for them and anywhere you guys live will be great, because you always add so much!
Hang in there!!


Colleen said...

1. James, Happy Birthday! You're an awesome kid!
2. Rob, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. It happens to the best of us! You are a marketable man and will have something new in no time.
3. If you guys move, I will just die.
4. Becky, WE NEED TO TALK!

Jessica said...

Great kid you got there! You guys can always move to Phoenix!!

Texas Triggs said...

You raise thoughtful kids. I am sorry about the job situation. We will be praying for you and would love to see you here in Austin with us:)!

gina said...

What a wise young kid. I'm inmpressed, tell me your rearing secrets! Sorry about Rob's job, we've had that fear looming about around here. Don't forget to look for jobs in Boise, we LOVE it here! love ya, take care, gina