Saturday, October 17, 2009


i think I have mentioned before that my son spencer thinks i have a magic power. He thinks i can see through walls! He thinks that of course..because that's what I told him. Is that bad? About 6 months ago or so we were having issues with him not telling us the truth on a few things that we already knew about. We needed him to tell us the truth so that we could give him the lesson " you get in more trouble for lying than if you just tell the truth"!
Well, we couldn't get it out of him. Finally I told him I already knew what he did because I can see through walls. He totally believed me. He asked " can you see through ceilings too?" (I'm thinking, he must do some sneaky things upstairs so yes, I can see through ceilings too!!!). So we resolved the issues and we really have had no problems with him lying since. He always comes right up to us and tells us what happened immediately. And in return he has learned that we can resolve anything when he is truthful to mommy and daddy.
So, we have not talked about the "seeing through walls" thing for some time. And by the way, I can only have that magic power with my kids. But you know I remember as a kid if my parents thought we were fibbing about something they would have us stick out our tongue. If our tongue was green that meant we were fibbing. If it was pink we were all good. They told us that they were the only ones that could see the green on our tongues. That really worked for them, and this is really working for me so I'm sticking with it as long as I can.
Tonight Spencer was in the family room with Christopher and I was in the office. He kept kicking a ball around really hard, I kept asking him to stop but ofcourse he did not. Then as you all can imagine I hear a big bang and then a huge crash. I kept my cool, Spenc walked in the office and said "Mom" I said I already know. and he said...I know. I said why? And Spencer said because you can see through walls. YES!!!!!! We went in looked at the damage, picked it up, he said he was sorry and I gave him a hug. He knew he was not in that much trouble because he told the truth. Now some of you might think I'm a little crazy making him think this, but I think i am just pure genius and you are more than welcome to use it on your own kids if you want too:0)


Kerry said...

Logan thinks I have eyes in the back of my head. Sometime he asks if he can see them. Ha ha! That's great that Spencer is understanding the importance of telling the truth, and realizing that he will get into more trouble if he lies. It's always better to tell the truth!

Vicki said...

My secret power is called "mommy sense" and Daniel doesn't really believe in it but somehow I usually, almost always, can tell when he's lying or up to some mischief.

Colleen said...

So, let me get this straight... you are lying to your kid to teach him not to lie? There has got to be something wrong with that. :)

I still think you are an AWESOME mom!

Hearts Turned said...

I LOVE Spencer! I miss him!

I don't know what you're talking about, Boo--I CAN see through walls! I could when you were little, too.......................!
(tee hee!) Love you, sis!

LuanaLindsey said...

You are pure genius, and an awesome mommy too.

russandkatie said...

too funny, I love it!

Marla said... are funny! Dave tells my kids he "knows everything" and they always catch him by saying, "Then what color is my underwear??" Since he doesn't do laundry, that usually gets him. :)

mali said...

That is so cool!!! You are amazing Beck!!!

Melissa said...

First off - thanks for visiting my blog! :)
My kids thought I had eyes in the back of my head for a long time. What really cinched the deal was the time I caught my oldest doing something he wasn't supposed to do by watching his reflection in our piano (really shiny finish). He was flabbergasted and was pretty darn sure I had eyes in the back of my head from that time forward :)

Kami said...

I stumbled onto your blog from my friend, Bree. I love it! I have told my boys that I know stuff because it is on the mommy test. I bought the movie Pincchio for the "nose grows when you lie lesson". I think I will use the tongue test too, and maybe the see through the walls idea also.