Friday, March 26, 2010

My three sons

James had a huge band concert tonight. I have never seen this boy look more Handsome. Gosh he sure is growing up fast. He will be 12 in May! Mutuel, passing the Sacrament.......crazy to think he is already this old. What a blessing James is to me. He is the dream son I tell you. Never Disrespectful and always wanting to make sure I am happy. Seriously one of a kind. Now when it come to 2 of his siblings that's a whole other story, which only makes him Human right? He is so fabulous though with his "Baby", he would bend over backwards to do anything for him. Anyways, here are a few pictures from tonight.


Julie said...

Oh, my what handsome boys! James--you are turning into such a wonderful young man--I'm so proud of you!

Wish we could have been there for your concert--I sure miss those!

Hope you're all doing well--love and miss you, Boo--miss ALL of you! Off to Utah in the morning...!

Colleen said...

Looking good, James!