Saturday, April 24, 2010

april fools day and a little therapy

Emily thought it would be a fantastic idea on April Fools day to try to FOOL mom and Dad by putting Casts made of toilet paper on all the boys. She had it all planned! She put the casts on and coached the boys on what to do, then came up to give mom and dad the bad news that all three boys had broken arms!The little boys were so cute they were totally hamming it up (Christopher was so stinkin funny)! Spencer seriously thought he had us fooled! It was so dang cute I'm glad we got some pictures of it!

Christopher is really taking to his walker, and we couldn't be more proud of how hard he works at it. He is still having a hard time turning it to where he wants to go, he pretty much just goes in a straight line until either he gets stuck or we move him. I thought a really good place to go on a rainy day would be Toy r us! It was awesome, he was totally distracted and walked everywhere to look at all the fun toys. I swear he walked for over an hour! This picture is Christopher taking a break playing with the Train table. He is really getting around! A very proud Mommy and Daddy moment!


Julie said...

How funny, Boo! That Emily is a little prankster, isn't she?!

The boys sure played their part well! You ought to get them in a play or something!

So happy to see Chris so mobile like that--what a blessing! Just love seeing him lost in the train set...makes me happy!

Love you, sis!

Nette said...

What clever kids you have! I love the casts!

It doesn't seem like we have been gone that long but when I look at you kids they look so much older.

We miss you all. Hailey still frequently asks me about Spencer and Emily and when we get to see them again.