Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation in California

We just got back from California a couple days ago. We were there for 10 days. It was such an awesome time. We spent it with all of Robert's side of the family. When Rob and I were packing up we thought we had actually done everything we wanted to do.
I got to go back to N.P. and showed the kids my house, and my schools I went to. My parents moved to Utah a few years ago, so my house is no longer mine. Kinda weird. But, Our BYU sticker from 100 years ago is still on the Bonus Room window.
Then we went to Camarillo where Rob and I lived when we first got married. That's also where Emily and James were born. We got to show them their very first homes. Pretty neat. We of course had to eat at in-n-out cuz their is no better hamburger joint anywhere in my opinion. My kids are now fans too! Especially James, He totally downed a double double in no time at all!
Then we went to Santa Paula where Robert grew up. His parents moved too, so his house is no longer his either. But, all of his family still live in town. We got to visit with everyone. Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve and Kiely. Larin, Dave and their cute boys. Kasea, Dustin and their 4 kids (they are so big now!) And Marnie and Steve and their 4 kids. We all played at Marnie and Steve's. We also got to see Aunt Luana, Uncle Dean and Gerry and Matt.
We spent the night at Marnie and Steve's on New years, and Rob got to go on a ride along with Steve. Rob had the greatest time. What a cool experience for him. Thanks Marnie and Steve for always bein the best! So loving and sweet. We love you.
We also got to visit with Grandma Dune. She had all the fun games out for the kids to play with when we came, and she always sends the kids off with a treasure. We just love Our Grandma Dune.
The whole rest of the time we were at Robs folks house. We had such a blast just hanging out with his parents and sisters. Marianne stayed there the whole time as well, and James and Josh got to be such great buds.
We got to see the nieces we have never met, they are so beautiful, and they all got to meet Christopher for the first time. Oh ya, we also squeezed in Disneyland somehow. But, I'll write about that later. What a wonderful family I married into. They are nothing but the sweetest most loving people, and I am so very grateful to be apart of their family.
What a wonderful trip we had!!!!


Sisters Produce said...

We are so glad that you were here. We had a blast each time we saw you. I agree with Jeff when he said that he remembers why he enjoyed hanging out with you because you are still pretty fun.(or something like that) I love you all tons and miss you heeps.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a blast. Now, I need a getaway like that one. Love you.

Sisters Produce said...

It was fun to see you guys. Sorry I have such a grouch for a husband. I would have hung out way more but he is a little on the selfish side and tends to be a little anti social. He did enjoy his visit with Rob.

I am still in shock at how big Emily is. I wanted to bust out with a "Emma, Emma, Emma!" and I am sure she is so glad I didn't. Chris is a little doll. I am so happy to have met him.
Don't wait so long between visits. ( :
Love you-Larin

Sisters Produce said...
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El Jeffe and the Girls said...

I'm still miffed that we missed such a big chunk of your visit! But it was still awesome to see you. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


P.S. I watched that Sisters skit again and the ugly sister's name is Judise (or Judice?). I thought it was Judy! Anyway, that is why Anne Hathaway says the wrong name at the end because she says, "Denise." I totally have that song stuck in my head now. Thanks.

Colleen said...

Sounds like you had such a terrific time! The pics are great! I can't wait to hear all about Disneyland!

The KS Weinerts said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad we all made it back from our trips to have another great winter/spring together! Tricia