Thursday, January 22, 2009

What an amazing Kid I've got!

Well I actually have 4 amazing kids. My little Christopher is trying so hard to crawl and he is almost there. We were told he may not crawl at all, or at least not for another year or so. This little guy is so stinkin determined it's amazing to me. If there is something he wants from clear across the room, he will get there no doubt. It is very cool to watch, he just never gives up.
With our help now he stands up while locking his knees and he holds it there for about 10sec. or so. That may not sound amazing, but trust me it is, And he is so proud of himself when he does it too. With Spina Bifida you don't know the severity of the disability until they start hitting or missing mile stones. So right now they are telling us that yes, he will walk but he may only need a brace for his right foot. His left foot is alot stronger. Now that's not to shabby at all.
Emily, James and Spencer are just the most amazing brothers and sister! They work right along side Rob and I to help Christopher achieve these goals. They work on exercises with him and cheer him on when he is trying so hard. How can Christopher not succeed when he has siblings like these?
I just love being a mom to these four fabulous kids!


Colleen said...

What an amazing mom you are!

The Knappy Crew said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! and Yay again. That is so awesome. You are right, your kids are amazing and Chris is truly remarkable. That made my day.
I can't wait to see video of him crawling. Tell Emily the movie girl to get ready.

Nette said...

What a smart kid!! He is amazing!

Darren and Chrissy said...

I just love him! It's true, he will do anything with that kind of determination and support. You are all awesome.

Susan said...

We sure loved seeing you guys. All your children are so wonderful!! Little Christoper is motivating and so amazing. I love and miss all of you so much. Take a video when he crawls. Ohmygosh, I want to see him. lymi Susan

mali said...

Chris is an amazing kid with an amazing family! I am so proud of you all! Chris has changed all our lives for the better, and he is so stinkin cute!! Love you!