Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christopher Update

So I have been told I need to update the bog about Christopher's progress, So here we go!
Actually there is really alot to talk about. Chris is constantly showing us that he is a fighter. He just amazes us with the things he does. He is crawling on all Fours all around the house now! He actally snuck into the bathroom yesterday and threw a plastic Easter egg in the toilet! Rob and I just thought "you go boy"! Throw as many eggs in there as you want, just nobody flush the toilet please.....:) I have never been more happy to fetch something out of the toilet, Who would have thought?
Our Pt has been wonderful with Chris, she just loves him too, and I think that makes such a difference. Chris is Standing by himself for long periods of time, and he is learning to bare(sp?) weight on each leg seperatly ( which is FANTASIC).
So the goal right now is trying to get him to go from his knees to a standing position, and He will, he will get there. From there it will be walking, how amazing that will be.
So, he is 16 almost 17 mo. old now which is so shocking. Time has gone by so fast. But, a few weeks ago I realized next month he will be in nursery!!!! That kind of got me a little nervous. All those little kids in there bonking him on the head...yikes! Then I thought about snack time and sitting at a table! I haven't even tried him sitting on a little chair like that. So we have been workng on that. He sits there really well, he has great balance. The only thing is getting on and off.
I have talked to friends about my worries and some have said " have him wear a helmet in there". ( to protect his shunt). And that scares me the most I think. But, I'm not going to make my little guy a target! So other options/thoughts were having a leader in there just working with him. I would love that, but I don't know if that would happen. He is the only one with Special needs in Nursery, so these are things people haven't thought of. But, I do really love the Nursery leader in there, and I know she will keep him safe. I just love the people in our ward. Plus, I don't think Dad will be leaving him alone in there for a while :)
So there you have it, if you are still reading this? Our Little guy is doing awesome. We never thought little things like throwing things in toilets would be so great, but they sure ae for us. Now, if Spenc, James or Em do this that would be a totally different thing of course! Christopher is really teaching us to enjoy the little things in life. Those little things sure bring us so much happiness.


Nette said...

WE LOVE CHRIS!!! Honestly, it is amazing how quickly he is catching on to everything!! He is a wonderboy!

Sisters Produce said...

Yay for Chris!!!! that is so exciteing. I know maybe you should volunteer to be the nursery asst. jk lol....I just got released. I couldn't stomach the snotty noses and throw-up...yes throw-up!-Larin

Colleen said...

Wow! I can't believe he is almost nursery age. TIME HAS FLOWN BY!!!! Don't you dare leave him in there alone! I know Robert will stay right by his side, but if and when he can't, Chris definitely should have his very own private nursery leader. And I know just the gal to do it! :)

LuanaLindsey said...

What an amazing little guy, way to go Chris.

themacdonnells said...

Becky, I am TOTALLY with you! Lukas was still healing from his crainy when nursery time came along! BUT, our nursery leaders were soooo excited for him to come in there with them and they keep extra close watch on him (even though it's the other kids they should be protecting now!!!haha). They are just so good with Lukas and I know you'll have the same experience with Chris! I'm so happy for all the progress he's made. I don't know what we'd do without the amazing vision therapists' Lukas has, they love their job and he's been in therapy for a YEAR already with them. The progress he's made in just that time is mindblowing. I think having a child with special needs just introduces you to more angels and miracles that you wouldn't have ever met otherwise :)

Way to go Christopher!!!

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

He is so awesome! I can't believe the wonderful progress he is making. Everytime I hear about how great Christopher is doing I just think, "What an amazing boy!" I would hope that if the nursery leader(s) knew exactly what he needed then it would work out okay in there for him.

Sooooo...what are you doing in September? I think I've convinced Jeff that we HAVE to go visit you guys and it looks like September works for us. I need to visit you before I have the next baby (No, this is not an announcement). But let me know. I want to plan it before Jeff plans something that conflicts or gets cheap on me.

Love you guys!!!

Lazenby Family News said...

This WAS a very happy post and yes, uplifting! I can't believe all that Chris is done and accomplished already. He is a just a miracle that you get to witness everyday. I love you guys and miss you. Give all the little nieces and nephews hugs and kisses from me.

Kiely was just was put in as Nursery Leader and a new member of our ward Amy. She also realizes how important the new position is, plus a bit worried about each and everyone because she knows so much can happen in just a blink.

Amy, the co-nursery leader, is a super horse fanatic so they make a great pair.

They'll just get out their lunging ropes and a couple of whips and there you go. Nursery children will be taught to bow, rear, and lead. Barrel racing is optional. Oh, yeah and they get treats!

Sure am proud of your little boy and honestly is a testimony of faith and a blessing to your family! Love all of you lots! Aunt Susan

jenkinsfamliypost said...

what a guy! i am thrilled to hear such great news of his progress.