Sunday, April 5, 2009

spring, where the heck are ya?

Now, I am one that loves winter.I have loved the cold weather and all that comes with it. But, even I say it's time for it to go!
We thought it was gone a few weeks ago but, we got a very unexpected snow storm last Saturday. We had already put our winter stuff away. Although we had fun with it, we were happy to see it go the next day. Rob even made new shelves in the garage yesterday and stored everything away (again) and not to be retrieved for at least a year. Spring was here, the kids were playing outside and wearing shorts even. I was getting excited for warmer weather if you can believe it!
Guess what? It started snowng again today!!!!!!! And we should get more of it tonight and tomorrow. Can you say CRAZY TIMES!!!!!!!
The kids are going to have to put socks on their hands to play cuz those gloves are gone baby! We refuse to give in to this craziness any longer.


jenkinsfamliypost said...

Yikes! Enough! Enough! Jus5t move home already, no snow here! 80 degrees and east wind today. Wish you were here. Miss ya girly

Darren and Chrissy said...

I am with you on the snow thing. But I have to tell you, I have been going through your playlist and I love all of the songs! Jason Mraz is my new favorite guy. I heard "Lucky" while I was getting my hair done at Kelly's and I loved it and wondered who sang it. So, I was pretty excited to hear it on your playlist. And I love Erasure and all of the old songs. You and I have the exact same taste in music. Thanks for helping me discover Jason. Move over Michael Bubbly! You're awesome, Becky.


The Smith Family said...

I agree! It is snowing here in Michigan right now. Enough already! Your house looks beautiful though!
Love you Beck!