Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new way of thinking

I love it when I can fully enjoy Sacrament Meeting with the kids obeying themselves, and I can just sit back and listen to the speakers. Today we had some really good talks too. There was one quote that really stood out to me that I wanted to share. I could even put it on vinyl ( as I always say to my sister).
The qoute was this: " Come what may and Love it"!
Now, I might change it up a bit for me with experiences I have had in my life thus far and say: " Come what may and embrace It". I think after you embrace what comes your way then you can find the good from it and love it. Does that make sense?
Sometimes i think it makes sense to me, but then I write it down and I wonder if people understand what I am saying. Ooh well though.

After we were able to embrace the news of our sweet little Christopher's future we were able to see the good things that would come from it, it became part of who we are, it was then our "new normal". And we loved everything good that came from it. We had so many Tender Mercies come our way, and we continue to see tender mercies daily.
Christopher is growing stronger and stronger every day. He is becoming smarter and smarter as well, he just has a way of making us SMILE every time he looks at us.
Sure More crazy things will come our way but I know as a family we will embrace them, and we will grow.
Christopher is starting to cruise around the furniture. He is so proud of himself, we are so proud of him. He does struggle with his little feet, since he cannot move them or feel them, as I'm sure you could only imagine the difficulty he would have trying to stand. But, he does it. He works a million times harder then we do and he never gives up.
So maybe that could be Christopher's Motto in life " Come what may, embrace it....then love it." At leaste that will be how I will help him approach the obstacles that no doubt will enter into his life often. And with that way of thinking I am confident he will be able to do amazing things in this life, and I'm excited to see those things happen.


The Knappy Crew said...

What a great quote! It totally makes sense to me.
Okay you mean he is cruising around furniture,walking, cruising??? OMGsh that is great news!

Malinda said...

I love that talk. I think it was Sheri Dew? who gave it. I am so happy little Chris is doing so well. He is an awesome little guy (and my favorite nephew). He makes me want to do better in everything I do. Love your post!!! HUGS & LOVES!

Marla said...

Beck- you're amazing..and so is your little guy. Love you.

Nette said...

What a great motto!! Go with it, can't hurt might help!

So sorry we haven't been good at communicating since we have left. Our lives have been CRAZY BUSY!! I sat down for a few minutes to check me e-mail today and there was 195 e-mails, and my poor blog has been out of commission, I just downloaded a ton of pictures tonight so hopefully I will post soon! We have been so busy with the cousins and my parents preparing to leave. We went to St. George for a week then last weekend we had a cabin retreat with all the cousins, we hiked to the Timpanogas Caves today and are going to Bear Lake for a couple of days tomorrow. I am looking forward to a simpler life. Minus the unpacking of boxes I feel like we have been on vacation for the past month (although, not the relaxing type of vacation, the busy vacation).

We miss you all like crazy! Hailey especially, she still asks when we get to go home to Kansas. :(

Are you still coming out this way? We would LOVE to see you!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

Becky I love your out look on life. you're truly a inspiration to me. hope to see you soon!

Lady Dot said...

Love it.


Sarah Oman said...

I love it and it totally makes sense! Christopher is sure lucky to have a mom with such a great out look on life! He will no doubt grow up to be an awesome guy!

connie said...

Hi Becky, Malinda told me Christopher had turned one so I got on your blog to see him.. He is beautiful, along with the others. What great blessings they all are. Hope you are doing well and are very happy. I heard you went to the beach house again. Fun summer stuff. Take care. Love, Grandma Connie
P.S. Emily looks just like you. I bet Grandma Karen adores her.