Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun family visitors

Robert's sister Susanna and her super cute family came and visited us last week. We had such a fun time with them here. They stayed a week... but that week went by way to fast. Our kids were so excited for them to come they were having a countdown to their arrival. Spencer the night before they came started crying because they were going to leave in a week! I said buddy they haven't even gotten here yet....as you can see we don't get our family out here near as much as we would like. I'm glad susie Jeff and Natalie finally got here because now they can officially go home and report that we do not live in the land of OZ after all. I think people imagine us living in a large field of corn rows. Really it's just as cool or even cooler than southern cal. (where we are from).
I think we were able to acomplish everything on their list. Their list consisted mainly of church history sights and bbq joints. We got all of that done and then some. The greatest part of the trip I think was just watching the kids play together and just chilling out and having great conversation!
Natalie is about 6 months older than Christopher, and as I have mentioned before it is always hard for me to watch all the kids Chris' age and even some younger running circles around him while he just sits there and watches. I don't think that will ever be easy for me to see. But my sweet niece Natalie one night really wanted to play with her cousin Christopher so she started crawling everywhere with him. Christopher had soo much fun. Everytime he stopped...she stopped. Then Christopher would motion to her "let's go", and they were off again. So precious. As small a moment that was I think that was the highlight for me, seeing the pure joy on my son's face was priceless!
Here are a few pictures from their trip here(thanks susie for posting them)! And thanks Dottl family for the visit. We are excited already for your next visit!


El Jeffe and the Girls said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What a wonderful trip! I'm glad we were able to spend so much time with you guys and see where you live and all. We had so much fun and just really enjoyed the whole thing! Natalie wants to look at the pictures all the time and watch the short videos I took.

Oh, did you find our flash drive? We left it somewhere in the house and it has lots more pictures on it that Jeff transfered from the camera. So I don't have the fun pictures of the cider mill! Please look for it! Thanks.

Love you guys! Miss you!