Sunday, November 29, 2009

christopher is 2!

Our Christopher is 2! Can you believe this? This last week has been filled with so much reflection and it is very hard for me to keep the tears in. This little boy is such a blessing to our family. He had quite a tough entrance into this world 2 years ago, but with the help from his Heavenly Father he is such a bright adorable little two year old now.We are so proud of him. He is actually stepping up 3 steps on his little slide and then sliding down on his tummy. Which all of you mommy's with cuties like mine know how truly hard that is for him....but he does it. And it is so amazing to watch. He will do it 15 times in a row, and yes it's tiring, and yes it's difficult but he loves the fact that he can now do something his big brother does.... and that's the fuel that keeps him going.
I guess one of the biggest lessons We as a family have learned since the moment we found out about Christopher's Condition is that time passes by. You can get through anything with the help of our Heavenly Father, no matter how difficult. It seems like when you are knee deep in your trial you feel like you are never going to get out of it, but you will...just have faith and you will I promise. And you will not believe how much stronger a much stronger you will be!
Thankyou to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for our Christopher, we will forever be grateful


Nette said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!!

We can't believe you are already 2!! We feel so blessed to have been touched by your sweet spirit. You are truly an angel baby and have brought so much love and happiness to everyone around you.

Keep up the hard work! We love seeing your progress.

We miss you like crazy!

The Speyer Family

Colleen said...

Sure love that precious little Chris (Gurr) and his adorable personality. Great post, Becky!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

What a wonderful update for the big 2 yr. old! Going up the steps and down the slide, that's HUGE! Yea Christopher!