Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got a call from the assistant principal at the kids school last week, Instantly I thought ooh no what did one of them do? But it was for Emily and has actually been doing fabulous things. Each month at their assembly they award a few kids with an award for a virtue that they feel exemplifies that virtue. This month was the virtue of Compassion. They wanted to recognize Emily for her compassion towards others!!! I started crying if you can imagine. Going back to 2 years ago when we found out about Christopher having Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalous the first thing that came out of Emily and James' mouth was how worried they were of people making fun of him. I told the kids that it would be our job to make sure they don't, and if they did we would be their for him to cheer him up. We are his Cheer leaders. I had always hoped that from this experience we have been given that my children would become more compassionate people. That if they saw other people having a rough time, or if they were being made fun of they would have the strength to stick up for them and befriend them. For this very reason is why Emily was awarded today, I could not be more proud as a mother. This truly will be forever a highlight in my life! I am so very grateful for my Emily Anne!


Colleen said...

Emily is such a sweet girl. I'm not surprised at all. :) Way to go!!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

You and Rob are such great parents. Your children are so in tune of others feeling. BUT, more than anything they are so WONDERFUL to Christopher. I will never forget how careful they are with him. Remember James, he watched Chris so close when he was playing with the plastic ball he took it away because it had latex. Emily always made sure than everything Chris needed he had and he was safe and happy. Great job momma. We love and miss you guys tons!

Jessica said...

that's so great!

El Jeffe and the Girls said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful news! You guys have great kids, every one of them.

Love you!

P.S. Natalie keeps saying, "Christopher says, 'WHAT?!'" and has been asking me to draw pictures of your family. She asks for each member of the family but always adds Maggie in there too. (?)

Malinda said...

Way to go Em! You have always been a sweetie! I really miss you!!!
Love catching up with your blog. It looks like life is keeping you all busy!
Love and miss you.... especially this time of year!