Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm pathetic

Ok, I totally have to admit that I am going to a book group tonight and I never even read the book! I'm seriously going to just hang with the girlies and Eat yummy food! Ok now I'm a big enough girl to admit that's pretty pathetic!
All my friends have on their blog a "Book List" of their favorite Reads and their Most recent Reads. I just have lists of my favorite foods and the most recent foods I have enjoyed! Again...pretty Pathetic. So this year as it is one of my New Year's resolution's I want to start reading Books! I think the only Claim to Fame I have is "the Work And The GLory" Series, And I think My friends are all sick of me saying I read those Books! I loved them though, I just haven't gotten back to reading anything since then. The only thing Other than Church Stuff I read are...Can you Guess?.....Cook Books! PATHETIC!!!
So I'm asking all of you out there to help me out and give me some Book ideas that will Capture My attention from the very beginning. And then maybe I can put a "Book List" on my Blog! I would be so proud of myself.


jenkinsfamliypost said...

read...........john grisham 'the associate' luana just gave it to me after she finished it. i really like it. it's about lawyers and spying.....!
i have actually just really started to enjoy reading. i had to start reading in front of my older kids to help them want to read more and then i fell in love with it. ENJOY!

Darren and Chrissy said...

My cousin recommended to me "The Hunger Games" and I was surprised by how much I liked it. The premise of the story didn't appeal to me, but it was good. Darren even read it on the plane and enjoyed it! The sequel came out last summer and I liked it better than the first book.

Julie said...

You're not pathetic, silly! You're amazing!!! I want you to go out tomorrow and get "Percy Jackson and the Olympians--The Lightning Thief"! You will love it--so would the kids! It's a young adult type book--will be a new movie in Feb., and it looks fabulous! It is a wonderful read--just DO IT!!! Love you and miss you tons!

Melanie said...

I knew I liked Julie. I totally agree. I read the entire series with my boys. Fun, easy, entertaining. What more can you ask for?????

russandkatie said...

If you liked The Work and the Glory then you'll love "Fire of the Covenent"

Kristen said...

Becky, you are so funny! Just like I remember you from growing up. Don't feel bad, half the fun of being in a book club is just going to meet up with the other girls! (or in your case, the food...) ;)
Some favorite books from mine are:
The Hunger Games
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
My Antonia

Happy reading!