Tuesday, January 19, 2010

King Arthur's Birthday!

So, my lovely sister Julie posted this wonderful memory on her blog yesterday.

"I can't forget to wish you a Happy King Arthur's Birthday today before it's over!

(Okay, I know there's no King Arthur's Birthday...but we "celebrate" it in our family! Here's the deal...my sister Becky had a little planner book when she was about 8 years old. She left it open on her bed, and like a nosy, much-older sister would do, I looked at what she had written there...important things needing to be accomplished by an 8-year old...and there I gleefully discovered "King Arthur's Birthday--no school!"

Of course, she had mistaken Martin Luther King Day for King Arthur...get it?!) Our "celebration" of the day usually entails calling or emailing my sister and never letting her forget it!"

I guess through the years I have given my family more than a few times to giggle at my expense. Julie always told me that when I get married my wedding gift will be a book of "Beckyism's" to give to my Husband. Although she didn't give Robert a book she sure told him all my stories! Thanks Jewels for Never letting me forget those fabulous memories and for passing them down the line to share with my children and nieces and nephew's! I sure appreciate you:) !!! Really I do though!


Malinda said...

I love your silly stories! You have some really good ones! I love that Julie posted that on her famous blog. Now the whole world knows just how funny you really are! Love you girlie!