Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crochet Not Croquet !

James...What would I ever do without this sweet boy? He is the most tender kind hearted boy in the world. But, somtimes he has a hard time listening to all of the directions on a project or maybe not reading some of the fine print on important things, or sometimes maybe he assumes he knows something when possibly he does not.
So, James comes home on Monday not a very happy camper. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that at school they found out the club they were going to be in. Going back a bit, every kid has to join a club that the teachers lead. They are able to look at every club and write down their top 5 choices. From that they will pick the club they will join. So James was not thrilled that he got his #5 choice. He said " I get to be part of the Croquet club"! (with a fake smile on his face). I said that's not bad... it could be fun! He said "ya but, I read it wrong because it's actually the Crochet club)! (now with tears in his eyes)! What do you do at this point as a mother? I'll tell you what I did.. I grabbed him and hugged him and giggled and giggled on the inside the whole time. IS THis not going to be such a fun story to tell his kids one day? That's at leaste what I Kept telling him.
Not to worry though, he did get out of the CROCHET club. The only club left was the PUZZLE club. Although he was not to thrilled about this he gladly took it!


Julie said...

Ummmm, that's just fantastic! I LOVE that story--it's a perfect, perfect thing to record & remind him later--like in front of his new girlfriend, or something! Auntie Julie loves you, James! HEY---call MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Melanie said...

That is TOOOOOO funny. I love it. Sounds like one of those lessons that can't be learned any other way. Has he laughed about it yet?

Colleen said...

Bahahahahaaaaa... :)

Lady Dot said...

This might be the best school story ever! At least he got out of it. Puzzle club doesn't sound too exciting, but much better than crochet!