Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Sister........... ROCKS

Ok, anyone who takes the time to kindly read my blog needs to take another second and hop on over to my sister's blog. You will love it.
Now my mother has always been the most amazing doll maker, well everything maker, for that matter. My Sister Julie has always been great at crocheting, needle pointing, knitting, but it has just been the last few years that i have seen this new excitment and energy about her with her new found talent. She is a stinkin fabulous Artist. She calls it card making, but I'm telling you it is ART. Every card she makes is INSANE! I frame them. I can never dream of just using them as a card,it does not do them justice at all.
I of course did not inherit any of this talent... I can barely sew on a button. But, that's ok with me because I am lucky to be the reciever of such beautiul creations.
so, take a look and leave her a comment, she is new at this blogging thing and I know she loves it when people take the time to leave a comment.

thanks guys..... but really you'll be thankng me because you will love her stuff!

by the way, a link to her blog is on the right of my page just down a bit


Marla said...

I agree Beck...your sis ROCKS. I am going to that site right now! Does she sell her stuff??

I'm with you, my friend, all these creative, crafty Mormon girls and I am totally missing that gene. My talents lie elsewhere. At least that's what I tell myself. :)