Sunday, September 6, 2009

helping daddy in the yard

Christopher is growing up so much these days.... he's talking like crazy and he is as sweet as can be. He's probably the only kiddo we have ever let get so gross and dirty.... but as Robert said " We never thought he would be able to get around like this, so he can get as dirty as he wants"!


Nette said...

What cute brothers! I agree with Robert, he has earned the right to get as dirty as he wants.

Did you put in more flower beds? It looks really nice.

Did you call today? I missed a call from a 816 number but it wasn't one I had programed in, do you have a new cell?

Malinda said...

The sound wasn't working, so I couldn't hear anything.
I can't believe how far he had come. He is the most amazing little guy.
I love seeing how James is so loving toward Chris. He's an awesome big bro!
Love you all!

Lady Dot said...

I can't believe how strong and mobile he is getting (and cute too!). My favorite part was when Christopher crawls up to James and starts hitting him on the back. James just turns around and hugs him. Sweetness!!! I love it.